Roll bar

We are not sure whether our Seven had a roll bar when delivered. The one we have on the car was fitted when the car was restored in the 90es.

Besides the (debatable?) safety improvement of having one fitted, the roll bar is of course a topic for purists, as the look is more clean without and as most Lotus Sevens were not delivered with one.

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  1. Very interesting history and congratulations on what looks like a very fine car. I am in the process of restoring a 1965 yellow/aluminium S2 plus I have an S2 and S3 that we race plus an S3 road car. Just one point – you mention the ‘anti roll bar’ which is actually part of the front suspension – helping to reduce body roll. What you actually mean is the ‘roll bar or roll over bar’ which helps protect occupants if the car rolls over in an accident.
    Kind regards,

    1. Many thanks for the input, John. You are right of course and I have updated the text. Sounds like good fun with the S2 and S3 Sevens.
      Best regards,

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