50 Years of the 7

In September 2007 we took our Lotus 7 to the 50 Years Celebration in Norwich. The longest journey we have ever done with it, so we were quite excited to see if we had cured all the minor engine problems, so we could get back safe. To our delight, the car performed excellently, with acceptable oil consumption.


The event itself was a big venture which we enjoyed a lot. The focus of the celebration, the 7, outshone the rather casual planning and made it a memorable tour for us. It was indeed impressive to watch the showground carpark with more than 300 Sevens, Caterhams and Loti.

The highlight of the event, we think, was the exhibition with Lotus cars from all years, beginning with the Sixes up to the end of production of the Seven in 1973.


We also enjoyed the visit to the Lotus factory and the morning blat to Sandringham Castle where the picture of our Lotus was taken. It evidently shines among compatriots. A very memorable journey, indeed.

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