We attended the Gavnø Classic Autojumble in 2017, an event that has been hosted by baron Otto Reedtz-Thott, himself a racing and classic car fan, at the Gavnø castle every year since 1986.

With a great location, lots of activities, and more than 1,000 classic cars attending, we were very impressed with the event.

In addition to the annual Classic Autojumble, the castle itself is definitely worth a visit. Read more about Gavnø here:

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Since 1996 the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has been held in early August in the centre of Copenhagen. We have been attending the event when possible since 2006.

It’s a great weekend of historic racing with lots of Loti (no Sevens, but Cortinas, Elans and 23s as well as the occasional Elite) and other beautiful classic cars in a great blend of skilled amateurs and famous professional race drivers.

The event sports lots of related activities for classic car enthusiasts, including the classic car park, where more cautious classic car owners (like ourselves) can meet. With quite a number of Lotus Sevens living in Denmark, usually the classic car park sees quite a few of them.

Read more about the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix here:

Cheshunt Factory

Our 7 was manufactured in the Norwich factory where Elises are done nowadays. However, many (most?) Sevens were produced in the Cheshunt factory in the Great London Area.


A visit September 2008 confirmed that the old Lotus buildings are still there. The Lotus main building is now a plastics factory and the building where Lotus Components resided is now a fitness center. The buildings as such seem unaltered, even the winch where they lowered the Sevens from the first floor remains, as does the ramp of the Lotus factory.

50 Years of the 7

In September 2007 we took our Lotus 7 to the 50 Years Celebration in Norwich. The longest journey we have ever done with it, so we were quite excited to see if we had cured all the minor engine problems, so we could get back safe. To our delight, the car performed excellently, with acceptable oil consumption.

The event itself was a big venture which we enjoyed a lot. The focus of the celebration, the 7, outshone the rather casual planning and made it a memorable tour for us. It was indeed impressive to watch the showground carpark with more than 300 Sevens, Caterhams and Loti.

One of the highlights of the event was the exhibition with Lotus cars from all years, beginning with the Sixes up to the end of production of the Seven in 1973.

We also enjoyed the visit to the Lotus factory and the morning blat to Sandringham Castle where the picture of our Lotus was taken. It evidently shines among compatriots. A very memorable journey, indeed.